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How long for herbal tea to work

I dont like milk so i consume with water. It is intended to stimulate the liver to promote detoxification. Yerba Mate tea is a very popular option for coffee lovers who would be looking for a stronger caffeine hit than can be found in most tea formulas. 2 kgs a month, but to directly answer… Read More »

How to use herbal infused oil

Shake it really well, then place outside or in a sunny windowsill. Herbal infused oils are easy to make and give you a great way to apply herbs topically. Sign in to your account for express checkout. Cover the mouth of how to use herbal infused oil jar tightly with the lid assuring that no… Read More »

What is herbal extraction

Membrane filtration consists in spreading a fluid in a physical boundary, the membrane. Because of the advancements made in extraction methods, new medicinal properties have been discovered, and the set of active molecules in the plant are being better and better preserved. In the spirit of modern phytotherapy, Berkem manufactures traditional plant extracts that endeavour… Read More »